Whether you need printed memories of your vehicles or whether you need photographs of your vehicles for marketing and advertising, the best ways to take pictures of your vehicles are still a priority whatever your reasons are.


If you find it difficult to take pictures because naturally you are not a professional photographer, then no need to worry because we have 10 tips and ideas for you to get the perfect angle for your vehicles:

It may sound not so important to you because normally what you consider in taking pictures are the object of your focus and its background, but yes, the color of your vehicle matters. Various types of colors respond greatly to the environment that surrounds it, most specially during day time as the sunlight reflects differently to every color.

We all know that when taking pictures, the background really is a big factor. You need to find a place or a location that suits your vehicle well. Keep in mind that the background completes the perfect picture. So choose an angle that pleases your vehicle .

For all you know, considering the exact time when taking pictures is really important. The best time to take the perfect picture for your vehicle is a few minutes before sunrise and a few minutes after sunset. If you are observant and if your are keen to details of photography, notice that most well-taken photographs are those that involves sunrise and sunset. Even drawings and paintings, mostly, usually have sunrise or sunset. So better take that right picture for your vehicle at the suggested time.

Now, depending on what would you like for the outcome of your photograph, the setting of everything is important. You need to consider how it will be presented, where would you want it to be shot, what angle will you be focusing, and many others. There two types of setting that you can choose from. The natural setting and the unnatural. When we talk about natural setting, this is where you place your vehicle in a location that is already perfect, for example, taking a picture of your vehicle with trees as the background or simply moving it and creating something natural like when the shot was taken when you motion the vehicle creating dusts or the likes; this needs a perfect timing though. While the unnatural one is when things are intentionally set to make the perfect photograph, like say in a photo shoot inside a photo studio.


-Moving shots
One of the most challenging part of photography is when the object of the focus is moving, Alot of cars in the modern racing world are using super low bc racing suspension so you need to take the right timing for the angle that you want. And one good photograph of a vehicle is when it is moving. You need to know first what angle do you like, if you like to take the front view, the side view, the back view, or the top view of the vehicle.


Your vehicle is not the only important thing for your photography. Your camera is also one major factor. Use the camera that has good specs that can capture good quality and resolution. A DSLR camera is highly recommended when shooting high-quality pictures.

Some might think that their hands are enough when taking pictures, but that is not so true. If you want your pictures to not get blurry, then go grab a tripod. Using this will not move your camera that is one of the causes why there blurry pictures. This is also helpful if you are taking a picture while moving at the same time (http://jalopnik.com/the-ten-best-tips-for-taking-a-perfect-car-photo-1466653688).

Taking the same shots or angles is boring. You need to discover something new and exciting if possible. Take as much shots as you want and don’t settle for an “okay” shot; take the “perfect” shot for your vehicle.

Before anything has been started, you need to plan everything first. It’s like having a “to-do” list. Make your move step by step and one at a time so that everything is organized. Set everything first so that you will know what to do next.

Don’t just settle on things that are easy for you. Explore the world of photography and take pictures where it is more challenging as these challenging ones are usually the good ones. Whether you need to ride another vehicle to take the shot or whether you need to cross rivers just to take the perfect one, then go and take it. Have the great experience.

Now that you know what to do, try taking pictures now and explore things that may help you in the future. Make the vehicle perfect angle for a perfect photograph.