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The safest car manufacturers in the world

Once upon a time, only small auto manufacturers cared about safety features. That, too, because they wanted to stand out from the rest. Later on, it became apparent to leading car manufacturers that saving lives on the road is actually good for the business.

Since the last decade, technology has made tremendous strides. Be it Apple’s CarPlay, Infotainment systems, Amazon Alexa integration, or Android Auto. But perhaps the greatest advancement has come in the form of advanced driver’s assistance systems.

Because of these systems, vehicles today are safer than ever. Today world’s leading brands take a more holistic approach, from safety bags to seatbelts and crash tests to auto visibility. Therefore, no matter your budget, there’s a full showroom of the safest cars you can purchase. 

In the following paragraphs, we will take a look at some of the safest car manufacturers in the world – in no particular order.


With an average USN safety score of 9.24, Toyota is the safest car manufacturer in the world. Its vehicles come with standard Toyota Safety Sense. These set of features provides collision avoidance, auto emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, and auto high beams. If safety is your topmost priority, then Toyota’s Camry should be your first priority. This midsize sedan by Toyota has earned perfect safety scores worldwide.


Infiniti has an average safety score of 9.33. Some of their lineup of luxury and hi-tech cars even earned the coveted IIHS Top Safety Pick +. To earn that rating, a vehicle must offer advanced driver assistance features to prevent a crash. Their cars have forward-collision warning systems, auto emergency brakes, and pedestrian detection solution. What’s more, Infiniti goes beyond standard safety features with the ability to detect car crashes that are two cars away – known as Predictive Forward collision.


Until recently, Lincoln was devoid of truly modern cars. Nevertheless, the US luxury brand is slowly phasing outdated vehicles with more modern and stylish vehicles like Nautilus and Aviator. That is why Lincoln has earned a safety score of 9.30. These cars have plenty of driver assistance features such as auto emergency brakes, lane assistant, pre-collision assistance, and much more. Their most notable product Nautilus has earned a five out of five ratings from NHTSA – a pretty impressive feat.


This Japanese manufacturer has an incredibly diverse portfolio of vehicles. They are also the market leaders in safety with features like LaneWatch – that has won several awards. Their sensing suite of functions includes collision mitigation braking, lane-keeping assistant,  road departure mitigation, an adaptive cruise control, and even traffic sign recognition. A good number of Honda’s vehicles like Accord, CR-V, Pilot, Odyssey, and HR-V, are termed IIHS Top Safety Picks. Honda has a safety score of 9.47.


The ever-growing line of BMW cars have a combined safety score of 9.49 – highest on this list. This German manufacturer is veering towards making automatic vehicles as safe for drivers and everyone else as possible. Their features like Side Collision Avoidance and Active Lane Keeping Assist keep the car in the center of the road even when the driver’s hands are off the steering. In addition, Active cruise control with stop and go is a step towards autonomous driving.

All in all, with all beautiful cars, you want to find the best car accessories to make you feel the owner that you should.

Purchasing a Landrover? Some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Land Rover is a British car manufacturer which specializes in 4 wheel drive vehicles. It is known throughout the world for its superior quality and durable vehicles. It has enormous off-road capabilities and is very popular among people who like SUV’s. If you are planning to buy a used Land Rover, then there are many things which have to be kept in mind. The condition and the model of the vehicle are of great significance. So choose your purchase carefully. The below-mentioned tips will help you find a good car for yourself.

First, you should set a budget. It will depend on two things, are you purchasing a car which was used sparingly and you are ready to shell out some more money or are you planning to restore an old vehicle with upgraded parts. In both the cases, your budget will play a key role.

Secondly, Land Rover is a very old company, and it has many models to choose from. You should decide the model and the year of the vehicle. Choosing an old model will cost you a bit more as you would have to get it repaired or upgraded. On the other hand, are you choosing a newer version you can save both money and time that would go in restoring an old vehicle?

Thirdly, do a bit of research on the model of the car that you have chosen. This will help you in knowing its common faults and drawbacks if there are any. You can also compare the model that you have chosen with other similar models to know which one is the best that suits you.

Fourthly, go to a nearest Land Rover dealer and test drive the vehicle yourself. These four wheel drive vehicles are sometimes misused as they are driven in hostile terrains. You need to check all the various components of the vehicles and ensure if they are working properly or not. Ensure that all the electronic components are working or not like the headlamps, horn, power windows, etc

Finally, Run a CarFax report so as to know the history of the vehicle. It will tell you a lot about the vehicle and its use. Always purchase the vehicle from a reputed dealer, ask your friends to help you with locating one.

Land Rover has a wide range of fantastic vehicles that you can buy. If you keep the above-mentioned tips in mind, surely you will not be disappointed. Finding a Land Rover in West Chester becomes easy when you follow these tips.

The History Of Land Rover.
There are many Land Rover parts and accessories that can significantly improve and enhance your experience while driving one of the most recognizable car brands around. This article will aim to highlight some of the essential items that you may well consider to purchase.


Roof racks One of the most useful Land Rover parts could be considered a roof rack. This accessory allows drivers to carry extra luggage without clogging up the interior of the Land Rover. The roof rack can also prevent items from overloading the vehicle and blocking your rear window. With storage space now available on the roof, you will have plenty of room for passengers!

In 1884, Starley introduced the very first tricycles and bicycles and named then under the umbrella of Rover. Incidentally, a name which is still used for the term “Bike” in Poland. Four years later, Starley created what is considered to be Coventry’s “first car.” However, the electric tricycle is never developed at the prototype stage.

In 1901 – at the age of 47 – Starley passes away suddenly, and his managing director role with Rover is taken over by Harry Smyth who moves the company forward to producing motorbikes and cars, the first of which, is established in 1904. Just two years later, the decision is made to focus production solely on cars, and this drives the company to become one of the biggest players in the manufacturing industry in the 1920s.

Wind deflectors Typically between 3 to 4mm thick and made of durable plastic, wind deflectors attach with ease to the top of the car door to help protect the top of your window. The main advantage of this accessory is that the user can open their window in any weather condition and not be affected by any wind or rain that could be present.

Air filters Installing an air filter to your Land Rover will help to keep the car’s engine system clean and free of being contaminated. These can be individually designed for each model of Land Rover.

After being acquired by BMW in 1994, the Rover group was eventually discontinued by Ford who made Land Rover a part of their Premier Automotive Group. In 2008 Ford sold Land Rover to Indian company Tata Motors.

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LP550-4 Burnout Vs. Ferrari 458

A video we found online of some great tire shredding action, enjoy the sound of high strung V8 / V10 motors shredding rubber.


Lamborghini Haracan Review

Sports cars are improving in design, speed and performance every year, they are faster, more aerodynamic and lighter with every new series. Lamborghinis always had advanced technology and traction system, but new model surpasses all expectations. It’s called the Huracan, after the famous Spanish fighting bull. It costs around $250,000, and it’s brand new from ground-to-top in design. So if you are looking for a sports car that parallels in performance with Ferrari’s latest models, and beside that is half of their price Lamborghini Haracan is the car for you.

Performance and Statistics

Lamborghini Haracan has to beat his rivals in speed and performance, rivals such as Ferrari 458 and McLaren 650 S. To do that; there were some major adjustments to be made by Lamborghini. From 0 to 100 km/h has to be 3 seconds, and top speed needs to be around 320 km/h which it is. And horsepower needs to be around 600 mark, which also is the case with this car. So for around $500,000 you get the car with the performance of a car that’s worth more than $1,000,000. All this specification is possible due to the heavily reworked version of the Galliards, a 5.2 L V10 engine.

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Gearbox and Car Interior

Lamborghini Haracan also has a brand new state of the art twin-clutch gearbox, which is simply superb. But that’s not all for the top-notch technology. The car is also equipped with carbon ceramic brakes as standard; the back end is sculpted in such way that there is no need for stuck-on rear spoiler for downfalls. And the best of all, like most Lamborghinis it has a four wheel drive system. But not just any four-wheel drive system. It has tree gyroscopes on board, and they do the monitoring of everything that’s going on inside the car itself. That means the temperature of the engine, torque, cooling system, traction system, suspension system, etc. It sends all that information to the four wheel drive computer and then decides how much power to send to each wheel. The result of this is cornering at impressive speeds.


Manufacturing and Design

Lamborghini like any other car company has got to shift units to survive. This model is unlike any other in design, whereas any Lamborghini is a jaw-dropper, this model was made to look moderately good in ten years to sell it many times, even with new models being produced that may look better. Where other Lamborghinis made the driver feel special, this one doesn’t. It doesn’t resemble the other successful models that were beautiful just by looking at them.

All in all this model is to be respected for the engineering design but less likely to be loved for the look of it. But with less than half the price of his rivals, there are some minor flaws, specifically in looks that are evident and only logical to exist. So if you want something that is as close as it gets to high-performance sports car Huracan is the car for you.

10 Tips for Automotive Photography

Whether you need printed memories of your vehicles or whether you need photographs of your vehicles for marketing and advertising, the best ways to take pictures of your vehicles are still a priority whatever your reasons are.


If you find it difficult to take pictures because naturally you are not a professional photographer, then no need to worry because we have 10 tips and ideas for you to get the perfect angle for your vehicles:

It may sound not so important to you because normally what you consider in taking pictures are the object of your focus and its background, but yes, the color of your vehicle matters. Various types of colors respond greatly to the environment that surrounds it, most specially during day time as the sunlight reflects differently to every color.

We all know that when taking pictures, the background really is a big factor. You need to find a place or a location that suits your vehicle well. Keep in mind that the background completes the perfect picture. So choose an angle that pleases your vehicle .

For all you know, considering the exact time when taking pictures is really important. The best time to take the perfect picture for your vehicle is a few minutes before sunrise and a few minutes after sunset. If you are observant and if your are keen to details of photography, notice that most well-taken photographs are those that involves sunrise and sunset. Even drawings and paintings, mostly, usually have sunrise or sunset. So better take that right picture for your vehicle at the suggested time.

Now, depending on what would you like for the outcome of your photograph, the setting of everything is important. You need to consider how it will be presented, where would you want it to be shot, what angle will you be focusing, and many others. There two types of setting that you can choose from. The natural setting and the unnatural. When we talk about natural setting, this is where you place your vehicle in a location that is already perfect, for example, taking a picture of your vehicle with trees as the background or simply moving it and creating something natural like when the shot was taken when you motion the vehicle creating dusts or the likes; this needs a perfect timing though. While the unnatural one is when things are intentionally set to make the perfect photograph, like say in a photo shoot inside a photo studio.


-Moving shots
One of the most challenging part of photography is when the object of the focus is moving, Alot of cars in the modern racing world are using super low bc racing suspension so you need to take the right timing for the angle that you want. And one good photograph of a vehicle is when it is moving. You need to know first what angle do you like, if you like to take the front view, the side view, the back view, or the top view of the vehicle.


Your vehicle is not the only important thing for your photography. Your camera is also one major factor. Use the camera that has good specs that can capture good quality and resolution. A DSLR camera is highly recommended when shooting high-quality pictures.

Some might think that their hands are enough when taking pictures, but that is not so true. If you want your pictures to not get blurry, then go grab a tripod. Using this will not move your camera that is one of the causes why there blurry pictures. This is also helpful if you are taking a picture while moving at the same time (http://jalopnik.com/the-ten-best-tips-for-taking-a-perfect-car-photo-1466653688).

Taking the same shots or angles is boring. You need to discover something new and exciting if possible. Take as much shots as you want and don’t settle for an “okay” shot; take the “perfect” shot for your vehicle.

Before anything has been started, you need to plan everything first. It’s like having a “to-do” list. Make your move step by step and one at a time so that everything is organized. Set everything first so that you will know what to do next.

Don’t just settle on things that are easy for you. Explore the world of photography and take pictures where it is more challenging as these challenging ones are usually the good ones. Whether you need to ride another vehicle to take the shot or whether you need to cross rivers just to take the perfect one, then go and take it. Have the great experience.

Now that you know what to do, try taking pictures now and explore things that may help you in the future. Make the vehicle perfect angle for a perfect photograph.

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